Mosaic Wardrobe

Furniture Design


the thing

Like "Tentback" and "Lake N," this was a sketching project assigned for class, but students were given free reign to design whatever we wanted. I tried to capture my "dream wardrobe".

Because I was raised as a user-first designer through Segal, I was unsure how to begin to convey my own design 'identity' through this project. So, I went for both breadth and depth: I sketched different kinds of wardrobes, mood board-ed, and tried to balance what I felt were functional components and aesthetic components.

Mosaic is a wardrobe concept that makes use of reclaimed wood and glass. Shoes can be stored in the open bottom shelf, and "ASAP" items can be stored in the open shelving on the top right. A screen indicates time and illustrates daily weather. Mirrors hang inside the two doors, and frosted glass suggest the components of drawers.