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Extended Play. A business, pop-up shop, creative outlet, interior design exercise, communication design and branding challenge, financial undertaking. I started it because I wanted to try my hand at all of the above (including, strangely, the financial responsibility that comes with investing money into a project), but also because I saw 3 needs that weren't being met.

The first was the lack of shopping options in downtown Evanston (where Northwestern sits). I saw several clothing stores shut down in 3 years, leaving too few that were popular among students, and requiring us to either shop online or take the 1-hour trek to downtown Chicago to get clothes. Another need was my own. I had a bunch of clothes that I wanted to sell, and posting it online seemed less fun. The third need was for other students who were like me who also had stuff to sell. I knew a platform for myself could also serve as a platform for them.


I was able to host Extended Play two times throughout the fall, bringing in approximately $2,000 in revenue, attracting over 100 shoppers, and supporting 10 "vendors," students and other young people with their own creations or used clothes to sell. I plan to reopen at least once more before graduating in June.

To get people to come out, I did a small social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, posting pictures of friends models in some of the inventory. Scroll to see some of those images...or if you want to hear me talk in more detail about the whole thing, email me!